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Salut !

Sa ne incepem ziua cu o piesa uriasa a unei trupe gigante: Uriaaaaaah Heeeeeep !!

I was only seventeen,
I fell in love with a gypsy queen,
She told me: „Hold on” !
Her father was the leading man !
Said: „You’re not welcome
On our land” !
And then as a foe,
he told me to go !

He took me to a little shack
And put a whip across my back
Then told her: „Leave me” !
I was out for quite a time,
Came back with her on my mind,
Sweet little girl,
She means all the world !

Oh, I want my qypsy queen
Will she still be torn between
Her father and lover !
One day I will go to him
Strong enough to fight and win,
The kind of a man
That he’ll understand !

Posted 17 septembrie 2013 by Liviutz in Muzica&Poezie

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