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„Neata !

Oricat de grele ne-ar fi zilele, sa mergem cu fruntea sus. Si cand ne-o fi mai greu, sa ascultam o piesa buna:

When living is a problem, that is common to us all
We love the only common road to truth ! – Uriaaaaaah Heeeeeep !!


Sympathy just doesn’t mean that much to me
Compassion is now compassion in my mind
And if you’re looking for a shoulder to cry on
Don’t turn your head my way
‘Cause I’d rather have my music in a day

You and I are master of our destiny
We look for consolation all the time
Till we find out things are not what they were meant to be, oh no !
And if it doesn’t suit our mood we’ll call it crime

Dedication is not an obligation
All I think about someone’s imagination
It’s the only way to say to live from day to day
To make each passing way a smile succession

Dreams are the possession of the simple man
Reality the fantasy of youth
When living is a problem that is common to us all
We love the only common road to truth !


Posted 9 Noiembrie 2014 by Liviutz in Muzica&Poezie

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